McDonald's - 1300 W Main St, Box 15, Carmi

"McDonald's" in Carmi works at 1300 W Main St, Box 15, IL 62821. If you have any questions, please call the phone number +1 618-382-8054

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1300 W Main St, Box 15, Carmi, IL 62821
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+1 618-382-8054

Establishment   Food   Cafe  

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Sunday 04:00am — 11:00pm
Monday 04:00am — 11:00pm
Tuesday 04:00am — 11:00pm
Wednesday 04:00am — 11:00pm
Thursday 04:00am — 11:00pm
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    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I'm giving this place 5 stars for messing up, which is what I WANT. I grew up going both inside and through the drive through and often seeing these smiling or not smiling workers just trying to make a living. Throughout time I have had to many messed up orders to count. It made me nice to know people are human and still make mistakes just like me.

    I once ordered a Cheeseburger plain and was given one that had everything on it! I sat and laughed as I thought " man, you guys are good!" as I took a large bite out of it and swallowed the imperfect sandwich just like the rest of the imperfect people in the world. I laughed for hours later until I finally fell asleep.

    However there have been a string of visits where they would get my order right.....I would literally spit the food out in disgust and scream "where is the mystery?!? Where is the surprise?!?!" and then continue to drive home and cry as I wondered if McDonald's and all of its beautiful mess ups and imperfections were no more.....but then....I would feel the life come back to me when I ordered a coke and received a Dr. Pepper! Yes!!! YES DAMNIT!!!! I would scream in joy as I both bitterly but happily consumed my Dr. Pepper....thats the freaking surprise I'm talking about! That's the beautifully flawed mess ups I want!

    However, if this place were to ever get ALL my orders right I would rate it one star, take a dump in their decorative landscape without wiping and never come back!!! I must end my review here now for I am headed to a buffet that is known to let some of it's food sit to long.....what mysterious and beautifully stale and old tasting food surprises will await me there ;). Oooooh how I long for the beautiful imperfections of people and the customer service they gives me hope.
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  • Address: 1300 W Main St, Box 15, IL 62821
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  • Phone number +1 618-382-8054
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  • Main work: Establishment   Food   Cafe  
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